UK visitors

Cycling info for UK visitors

Cycling occasionally has something of a bad press in the UK; this appears mainly to be due to a combination of drivers wanting clear roads to the next set of traffic lights and (some) cyclists giving the rest a bad name by jumping through red lights. If you're going to be based at Culham for a while and would like to cycle, here are some things you might need to know.

The Highway Code - the Highway Code is a guide to British road traffic laws and conventions. It has specific sections for cyclists but it's worth glancing through the bits covering road signs and driving as well so you know what to expect. However, many people can be slightly careless about the letter of the law, so don't rely on everyone else on the road doing everything right... In general, though, cycling is pretty safe and there are many cycle paths and routes (some part of the National Cycle Network) if you would prefer to avoid roads as much as possible.

Safety Equipment - it's not a legal requirement to wear a helmet but it may make you feel safer (and if you wear glasses, a helmet with a visor will also help keep rain off the lenses and help you see). For cycling at night, lights are compulsory and some sort of high-visibility clothing is highly recommended. Bicycles should also be supplied with a bell to warn pedestrians and slower cyclists of your presence if you're cycling up behind them on a shared-use path.

There are showers on-site (list of locations in the cycle facilities page) if you're cycling a decent distance.

The Useful Links page has links to lists of local bike shops, information about taking bikes on trains, and other stuff. Other possibly useful reads are this slightly irreverent page on cycle commuting, or this somewhat more po-faced introduction.

Routes to the site - there are a number of routes which avoid roads, depending on where you're coming from and how robust your bicycle is. Some can be found by searching for "Culham, UK" on and others have been discussed on the group Discussions page and the FAQs. Have a look at the National Cycle Network maps as well. Please remember that, unless otherwise signposted, cyclists are generally not supposed to ride on footpaths or pavements. If you're unsure about a route, ask here: someone else might well know it.

There are also the Culham site cycling FAQs which list shower and bike shed locations on-site. If you can think of any other questions or information which might be useful to other people, please post them on the discussion forum.

Oxfordshire is, in general, pretty flat and has plenty of good recreational cycling away from the main roads. So most of all, have fun!