Cycle facilities

Locations and details of cycle facilities across Culham campus.

Cycle shelters and showers

There are currently ≈18 showers and ≈22 cycle shelters shown on the map on the Cycle Shelters, Showers and Bus Stops page on nucleus. (Updated Oct 2023: This version of the map is missing the B25 car park bike shelters and the bike shelter in front of the MRF.)

Drying rooms

Also not captured in this map are drying rooms - B24 and K01 have drying rooms next to their showers, where you can hang your damp clothes and dry them throughout the work day. (The comprehensive list of drying rooms are not captured here. Please email the committee if you would like to .)

Repair station

There are two identical bike repair stations outside the gate in the reception car park), and another in behind the bike stands. Each station has:

Bike showers (i.e. spray-down station for your bike)

There are no dedicated bike shower stations on Culham site, mainly due to restrictions around runoff dirty water. However, there are hoses that can be used.

There is a hose at the north corner of building J14, which we've been told we can use. J14 is the first building on the left following the "Fork lift truck" warning signs on the south-east perimeter road (Farm Way), and the hose is around the back. Please leave this area as tidy as you find it. Obviously usage may be subject to any water restrictions etc. which might be in place at the time.