This page should be a collection of useful information for cyclists using the Culham Campus. If you have a question which isn't answered here or you find some information which is out-of-date, please e-mail us. 

(Sep '23 - Note this section was written some time ago on the original CulBUG website and so may be out of date in places, CulBUG are working to check and update this information and add more help for all at Culham Campus, not just UKAEA)

How can I get involved with the cycling community at Culham Campus?

Stay informed about Culham cycling issues by joining the UKAEA Yammer forum.

For non-UKAEA people an invite is needed, so please contact the committee to be added.

Some organisations, such as Reaction Engines, are still unable to use this due to security restrictions, so a Google Groups discussion forum has been created to include these participants in the discussion too. (Sept 2023)

I have a suggestion/complaint about site cycling facilities. What do I do?

Please get in touch with one of the CulBUG committee or raise it at one of our meetings. We will then pass this on in the Prospect Union meetings with the Culham site management. If you are reporting something you think is potentially dangerous and should be rectified as soon as possible, invoke your company's internal safety procedures (e.g. if you are UKAEA, raise a UNOR).

I have trouble pulling my pass out at the gate. Is there an easy fix?

Many people wear their passes on the lanyard, threaded so that it always faces forward, and hoick it out from beneath their jacket before they get to the site entrance. Both hands can then be kept on the bars to negotiate the humps safely.

(UKAEA) Alternatively the pass office make available arm-bands which will hold the pass and mean you can keep both hands on the handle bars whilst negotiating the speed bumps. The pass office is on the first floor in K1 and is open Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 10:00am to 12:00. (last updated Oct 2023)

Can I use other forms of small electric/unpowered vehicles (e.g. scooters, skateboard, OneWheel, Hoverboard) than bicycles when on site?

One of the members of CulBUG requested information on what vehicles are allowed from the Building and Facilities Management Group, and this is the response:

Unfortunately, Air wheels, Hoverboards, Skateboards and powered Scooters are not authorised for use on site, this includes the use of longboards, both electric and non-electric. You will be able to use them until you get to the main gate and then they will have to be carried when on site.


The reason regarding the no Air wheels, Hoverboards, Skateboards and powered Scooters etc. is from a health and safety standpoint, it is felt that it is not safe to have them on site, to my knowledge they will not be reviewing the rules to allow Air wheels, Hoverboards, Skateboards and powered Scooters etc at this time

As you can imagine this limits the usage of other sustainable transport options and reduces accessibility. If you disagree with this decision and think that it deserves to be reviewed, email Property Helpdesk to petition for this rule to be changed/reviewed.

What are the UK road laws governing cycling?

Cycling is covered by the Highway Code, which has a subset of rules specific to cyclists. If you're visiting Culham from overseas and would like to cycle, there's more information on this page.

Where are local bike shops?

There are links to lists of shops on the useful links page. If you would like to recommend one (or warn against) one, please email the committee!