Culham Bicycle User Group - Representing the interests of cyclists and potential cyclists at the Culham Campus. 



Aidan Reilly


Yannik Dieudonne


Nicholas Brewer

Culham Bicycle User Group

Our group was established as a voice for cyclists at Culham site, and as a social group for cyclists of Culham, so that we can provide mutual assistance and advice to each other.


Weekly meetings at the Mezzanine above Costa in E3.

The meeting time alternates between 8.30am on Wednesday morning and 12.30pm on Tuesday lunchtime on a 2-weeks cycle.
(modified Nov. 2023) During the winter, the meeting frequency is halved as the Wednesday morning meetings are cancelled, so we will be only having fortnightly meetings on odd weeks at 12:30pm on Tuesdays.

If needed we can accommodate virtual meetings. Message one of the committee for the teams meeting link!